Operation Cold Blood and new map Bab feedback!

The new map is lovely but it needs performance improvements as it is lower fps map now.

There are some glitches in the game menu. Sometimes they highlights erroneous.

It would be better just have the option to choose magnifier instead of 2x-1x option to every rds or holo.

Theses performance improved maps ( Hideout, Farmhouse, Precinct, Crossing) are great!
My pc had about 90 to 95fps before and now it reaches about 144fps!

The supply points system is kinda broken right now! When I remove and accessory from my rifle, like a reoil grip for exemple, it cost 3 points, but when I removed it, I got 4 points.
If I use those point to install other accessories, my weapon setup is not is not always saved correctly. This situation needs to be top priority fix!

I wouldn't like to erase all my weapon's setups and create all of them again.

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4x-1x scope on G36 sometimes disappear when I press focus (shift) key.

The menus are not always working correctly too. Sometime M key or N key doesn't work and sometimes ESC doesn't show the screen where I can leave the game.

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I played in local play and Hideout map just now to test it.

The performance is good but there are some fps drops on point H when we have to defend it and enemies are spawning on the map.

The A.I. is buggy yet. Sometime team mates A.I stuck on the map.