Nobody in the truck being winched (not a bug)


This is not actually bug, but rather a missing person item.

In single player, when you winch a truck, nobody is inside the second truck...

Here I'm wintching the B66, and nobody is inside the cabin...

EDIT: we can't really see him because of reflexion, but there is someone in the cabin of the first truck. But there is nobody in the B66.

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Hi there, is this in multiplayer?

The idea of winching a vehicle in single-player is that you're getting out of the truck, turning on the engine of the second vehicle, and then going back and towing it. There wouldn't be a second driver.

It is in single-player.

However, even in singleplayer, the wheels of the second truck can turn left or right to follow you, and you can ask the second truck to accelerate.

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