I played the CTE for roughly half an hour, and most of the issues I have now, didn't happen then.

After the Update from the actual game it hurts me to say but I no longer can play it.


  • Mouse dragging
    When aiming free the the ingame movement is randomly no more accurate to my actual movement using the mouse. Especially horizontal movement needs extra effort. It becomes better and worse here and then, and sometimes it becomes unplayable. So I am basically no longer able to turn around sideways without dragging my mouse all over the entire table.
    I could imagine me using a 21:9 ultrawide screen could have something to do with this bug. Changing the setting to adapt the mouse movement depending on the field of view didn't work, I tried turning it off and on again, lol.
    I want to add that this issue isn't new. Some years ago at the very beginning, we had the same problem for a couple of months until there was a fix.

  • Resupply issues
    when going to the cache and trying to just taking magazines by hitting f, it frequently indicates a full resupply instead and the loading indicator "crashes": after the loading circle is filled, it becomes black again. The overlay however, remains. I can move around, with the typical resupply free aim limitation and the only way to get rid of the overlay and to have normal mouse movement again is to once more get to the cache and hit f. The full resupply didn't happen then, actually.

  • Scope issues
    I like the scope options in general but first equipping and then using the adjustable scopes doesn't work right away. Instead the view through the scope is plain black. I need to change to secondary and back to primary, then I can finally use both scope settings.

General information: I mostly play on modded community servers, mainly with custom maps and no restricted areas mod. Nothing else. Fir the issues I portrayed, I do have them regardless where I play (local, community server or matchmaking).

Please let me know if you want me to test something or you need further information. I am happy to help.