First issue: When on loadout customization screens, I can pick every thing I want, but once i return back to the screen, it has gotten rid of my selections and given me the supply back. Me and a friend both encountered this while playing yesterday where we would select equipment and save it, but once we returned it was gone.

Second Issue: when in game, if I have a gas mask or NVG on me, regardless of whether its equipped or not, will sometimes appear floating in front of me, blocking vision. It has also barred me from using certain NVG even though i have the supply for them, they appear as grey and cannot be chosen. Currently it only gives me access to the amber colored NVG at 3 supply but the other two colors were not made available nor was the NVG for 4 supply. My friend who was playing with me had access to all of them.

Third: When pulling up the game, the main menu willnot load in properly until maybe 2 minutes have passed. Sometimes the players character doesnt load in at all.