The 62% load crash issue

Hey Focus and any Rogue Factor devs, who read these forums, we have an issue, its quite a big one.

There are now a few topics on the forums across multiple platforms about this issue many of us seem to be encountering with your game, so we shall all act like grown ups and expect that you are aware of these topics and the shared issue.

If you are reading this and are unaware of the issue in regard, it refers to a players custom crew no longer loading, failing at 62% load, and causing a fatal error in the software.

The most common shared issue is these are all high level, high operations counts and possibly hundreds of player hours invested into their own custom crew.

Will someone give us a direct answer regarding the following:

  • Are you working on this issue?
  • Can these crews ever be "recovered"?
  • Could we have better community feedback?

I reached out over twitter, a few times, had one reply, almost identical from focus and rogue factors accounts, but that was it, conversation ended there.

It took me some effort but I eventually found this forum as an option to provide technical feedback, and so participated. But like many others, topics go unanswered, but are clearly getting views.

There is a community, and while perhaps only small, we actually want this game to work out, see lots of dlc and growth. This bug will/(has) drive players away and has to be a priority if you want to look at the long run of this game.

While excited about the launch of a new crew, it won't do well if this issue remains.

Agreed, this issue has been discussed multiple times.

Please address this.

Hi, this issue has been reported to the devs thanks to previous feedback from players and I'm happy to share that it's fixed in today's update (live in around 30 minutes).

Woohoo! Thank you very much. Looking forward to downloading the update tonight.

Downloaded update, old crews that were previously stuck on 62% now load fine. (xbox)

One issue though, the dlc is not available on the xbox yet...can see the new crew, and a link to open the store page but it returns an error.

Same when looking at the game in xbox store page, there is no associated dlc.

Yes, my gang that was subject to the 62%-bug loaded again, too. But I did not push my luck so far and did not use them again yet...