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..which probably won't ever happen anyway 😃 I think @Netheos promised to move that topic from General discussions here, but probably forgot. I hope it won't violate any rules if I'll just duplicate it all here.

  1. Adding Stunty Leeg fanmade extension to BB2 (playable in MP leagues, of course), as a DLC. Here is rulebook: https://fumbbl.com/files/Stunty_Leeg_Handbook_v1_0_1.pdf

    Afaicr, it uses the same core mechanics as regular BB, with very little changes (a bit more Secret Weapons, they are assigned some "danger categories", and depending on those have different chances of ejection; some prices were changed a bit (bribes, apo), and more apo rolls are available throug inducements; I also think a skill or two was added, or may be just renamed a bit for fluff - but that's about all). It's trully amazing how they managed to create 16 new teams and a BB experience that actually feels different (even more madness and violence on the pitch) from a regular "big" BB - by just rearranging standard pieces from original rulebook! Those rules undergone a lot of testing for years since they were created, and should be pretty safe to add as a side-project. Perhaps, a standalone game on itself? Or just a separate option in the main client, withe their own leagues?

    The main investment here of course would be a whole multitude of different models, as a lot of races and creatures in it are new, and I understand that's a huge amount of work. Still, that would be a great big 40$+ DLC (a set of DLCs?), if Cyanide'll deliver.

  2. Squigbowl. Rules are here (another one; here are some more home rules) It doesn't change that much at all (new "ball" models, new mechanics for ball running around and biting you 🙂 ), but it could add a lot of fun and variety to league's life. Shouldn't be too hard to implement as a little nice DLC adding an optional tournament to Leagues (and to solo play campaign perhaps).

  3. League auction. Below is a quote I've seen in some discussion:

This particular league has an auction mid season. We bid our gold for things like daggers, chainsaws, magic helmets, and various other oddities our league commissioner comes up with. I had a goblin with a dagger for a while until people decided he had to die.

Seems like a pretty neat idea to me, to be an optional feature for Custom Leagues. First of all, I don't really like idea of equipment in BB, mangles with the core mechanics too much. But 1-2 pieces of such per team won't be that big deal, I guess. And such autction will enrich gameplay significantly. Items can grant something as simple as stat boosts (or STAT1+ and STAT2-, at the same time), or something a bit convoluted, like turning one your player into a secret weapon player with addition of Stab or Bombardier skill. I believe card decks from CRP (not implemented in BB2 atm) could be a great source of inspiration for actual effects.
To heat it up a bit some struggle for those artifact could be implemented too, like in case of killing/BH/MNG a player wearing it on the pictch it could become property of the opposing team after the match (limit of 1-2 items per team still remains, so suprluss items must be transeferred to auction right away). Owner of the item also must select a player to wear it if he chooses to keep the item (so no hiding it in the treasury forever). Item should increase team's TV as well.

  1. Another neat idea, which goes well with League Auction from above (I believe that's how that goblin mentioned in the quote met his demise, in the end) - a Bounty System used in some tabletop leagues. Coaches can collectively set a reward for the head of one particular nasty player on one particular team. Anybody lucky enough to take the player out for good grabs the cash. Again, should be an optional feature for custom leagues.
    Provides another way of interaction beyond regular deal on the pitch to coaches in a League, and this is usually a good thing, building ties within community.

  2. Mechanic of Retribution could be implemented. If enabled for tournament, after each its round, the soriest of looser in this round is selected, and he is granted with a right to select any team passed to the next round of the tournament and unleash his wrath on it. Not quite sure how exactly it should be calculated. A series of Stabs to several [randomly] selected its players? Or the same way as Throw a Rock event from Kick Off table is applied?

    Fluff can be anything, "A squad of Dark Elf/Skaven assasins emerges from the shadows, with their daggers glimmering in pale light of the Moon" or "A swarm of enraged fans waiting for Victim_Team at the tavern's exit start hurling massive rocks at them mercilessly"

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A sort of "True Madness Unleashed" set of optional features for the new Solo campaign and Multiplayer Leagues. Sort of package of different Home Rules (previously proposed League Auction could be moved in this one too) released as another DLC. Much more randomness than in usual BB play. Like a lot more of weather-related events, with lightning striking the pitch randomly, mist covering it and limiting your view distance to 5 squares, strong wind gusts shifting players on the field in the midst of a game etc. Implementing Special Play Cards as part of such DLC would be a solid move.

More Stadium Enhancements that actually mean something, adding different bonuses, but also (like always in BB) having some downsides too. May be even some objects on the pitch you can interact with, for more spectacular game-play (a pool with sharks in the center of it? some cannons you can use to hurl a ball or yourself to the other side of the pitch? A jump platform changing its position each drive? whatever)

I think latest BB2016/DZ overhauled rules could be used as source of.. "inspiration" here, unless some copyrights\licencing issues may intervene, as they introduce similar elements into the game already.

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