[PC] Wrong matchups in Swiss/Wissen format

In our private league (LFBB : Ligue Française de Blood Bowl), we organize every 2 months a tournament in Swiss / Wissen format.

We detect some issues with matchups : in Swiss format, matchups must be done between teams with the closest rankings. But sometimes, it's not the case.

For exemple, see the ranking in our tournament "Grand Prix de l'Empire" for round 3 (2017/12/18 -> 2018/01//01 for matchs)

Round 3 Ranking

We had :

  • 6 coachs with 6 points => 3 matchups : OK
  • 1 coach (Lindrole) with 4 points and 9 coachs with 3 points (including coachs Vynyarian and JekkyBattery) => 5 matchups NOK
  • 1 coach with 2 points (Tidou), 5 coachs with 1 point (including coach Trainer) => 3 matchups NOK
  • 4 coachs with 0 point => 2 matchups : OK

Coach Trainer had met coach Tidou in round 2 so he should have match mandatory with a coach with 1 point. But his matchup is against coach Vynyarian (3 points). And coach Tidou had to match with another coach with 1 point. Here he matched with JekkuBattery (3 points).

To complete, Cyanide guy's could you explain in detail the algorithm used to determine matchups during round in Swiss/Wissen format ? In other rounds/tournaments, we had also seen "strange" matchups. We have some questions about the criteria used.

Community Manager


You should find all info about how the Swiss system works here: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/3037/how-the-bb2-swiss-system-wissen-tournament-works

It will probably explain why you have this result as well.

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