Localisation ITA, Bolter = Lancia dardi.

Hello Dear Devs,

In story chapther 11 there is no subtiltle for Italian Loc.

Another "problem" please is it possible to change the Bolter traduction? " Lancia dardi" is very awful, is better the old version here in ITA "Requiem", so like:

Heavy bolter= Requiem Pesante
Bolter= Fucile Requiem
Bolter Pistol= Pistola Requiem

I like this game so much like Mordheim.

Thank you very much.

Lord Poci.

Hello, tank you for your report!

Indeed, there is an issue with Chapter 11 subtitles, we adressed it to the devs 🙂
Concerning the translations, I've let the producers know about it and they 'll take a look at it to see what we can do.

Thanks again for letting us know!