Hello, first of all I want to thank the developers of the game and say that I deeply respect them and believe that they made a great game with great potential. This post is purely an expression of my view as a player and a person who is fond of gamedev.
I'll start with what I think is absurd:

  1. Huge hiking backpacks as heavy pouches
    In real planned combat (not counting ambushes on soldiers and columns of equipment and fighters during their redeployment) actions, soldiers never wear such huge and awkward "bags" on their backs to carry a large amount of ammunition with them, they take a large unloading hang a lot of pouches for magazines with ammunition grenades auxiliary tools (first aid kits and discharges).
    I believe that you need to do as in part 1 of the game so that when choosing large or small pouches, the player changes the unloading model. Because even from the outside it looks very comical, when soldiers run and howl with huge backpacks for 200l and their unloading adds only 3 additional magazines with cartridges It breaks all the immersion and atmosphere of combat operations
    "Soldiers of the U.S. army during operation desert Storm "

  2. Very awkward comedic voice of the parties to the conflict
    when i first started the game and played for the rebels, i thought that maybe for them such (screaming, obscene, unprofessional from the point of view of military communication) voice acting is quite authentic, then when i went behind the guard, i was very surprised by these hoarse, smoky, and ostentatious voices , it feels like they are not fighting professional military who honed the skills of team interaction and communication fighters, but just a platoon of some recruits who were recruited from pubs and bars. In the first part of the game, this was a whole aesthetic from how the game characters transmitted information on the radio: clearly concise and calm, because this is required by the military ethics of negotiations on the radio and with combat personnel, which only cost noise, crackling, shots in the background and the squeak of the radio when it is turned on, during negotiations on voice chat in the first part, nothing It is also very annoying how the characters transmit information when they are next to each other: Who in a healthy mind when you are next to the enemy will yell I RELOAD!!!!, THROW a GRENADE!!!! and the voice sounds like a teenager who just went to high school ( this applies to the rebels and the number of obscene words and their quality in voice acting).This voice acting is so out of context that it completely kills the immersion it breaks the aesthetic that is one of the 4 important pillars of a successful game design.

With unpleasant and sometimes killing dive moments finished. I want to move on to what I think are controversial innovations in the new part.

  1. This is the commander and observer with their support mechanics.
    I will say so that it still seems to me that this mechanics is foreign: first, because of it, the size of the maps was increased, the pace of gameplay slowed down, and consequently the dynamics of the gameplay too. In addition, on most maps, when you call smoke or mortar fire, 90% of the hit falls behind the game space( roofs of houses, mountains and other inaccessible objects). Calling a helicopter I also don't understand if the sides are balanced on points weapons and players, why call a helicopter that paralyzes the rebel team for 1-3 minutes? And okay if it worked like this, but in most of the games that I play, the helicopter is shot down in the first 15 seconds and then the question is why do I need it at all? Keep in mind that on some maps, the main fighting takes place under the roofs of houses. Smoke screens are often used not to occupy a point and cut off the path or defend themselves, but simply to call on the point and both teams play "strands in the fog". The first part of the game had a standard pace of play: the cards were medium-sized, quite branched, but they were interesting and quick to learn, TTK was very high, which did not allow you to attack headlong. All players slowly in 2-3 went checked and cleaned sectors and corridors. I consider the level design of the first part to be the best in the history of 1st person shooters, I repeat the maps are quite diverse the game situations in these maps and the collision points are also diverse, they are not too small and not too large. These are CQB maps, they were made for skirmishes, not for helicopters and cannon fire! The last added TELL map from part 1 retained the spirit and level design of the first part.
  2. Soundtrack.
    Sounds of weapons firing. In my opinion, almost all the sounds of the gun in the new part are some kind of plastic fake. I noticed this when I took my favorite M16A4 it was just a shock I was like shooting and a toy machine gun with voice acting from the early 2000s. According to the voice of the AKM, I immediately realized that when recording, they beat something metal about something ( this, by the way, was also with the mk-14 ebr in the first part of the game) After all, the game does not position itself as casual, which means that shots can be made rougher.
    hit bullets in different materials, when you find yourself under fire from a machine gun, you will only pick it up on a clouded screen and a couple of pops of bullets. No clanging of bullets on metal surfaces, screeching and constant popping, crumbling stone and plaster in houses, breaking boards and ceilings, all this is either very little or not heard at all.
  3. I will also say about the behavior of weapons:
    as for the animation and reloading — it's just divine, honestly, I did not get such pleasure from a simple reload in any shooter. But as for shooting( this is my purely personal opinion!) it is blurred, smooth, not honored that you shoot with a firearm, in the first part it was done at a high level single shots brought incredible pleasure from how sharply the barrel was lifted, what was the flash from the shot and the sound itself( M16A4 sounds just great there), you felt that you were not playing CS where you can hold the trigger and shoot in all directions, here you aimed and made accurate single shots and when you hit the target and killed it, it was an indescribable feeling.

I guess that's all I found. Once again, I want to express my respect and gratitude to the developers that so often release updates with a large number of innovations. I love this game and want it to be better, so I'm writing to you, I want to be an active part of the community.![alt text](image url)