Making custom objects: Tutorial.

Been working at this for a little while, and just published it. Hopefully I have not missed any major issues and should be easy enough to follow if you are new at this.

Enjoy 🙂

Any questions feel free to ask. I have not been doing this that long keep in mind.

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Looks awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

You're welcome matey. I know it was needed for a long time.

Linc Arro had a video on the original game but never really went into depth about it.

Haven't even read it yet, but thank you! I was thinking about this last night while having some issues with this exact thing, and you were the person that came to mind. 🙂
You're going to be our defacto expert on this subject now, btw... 😃

Thanks! I won't go into the Blend, Noise etc modifiers or I will here forever. Those can be found via Autodesk tutorials.

Thanks! Just the content I've been looking for !

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