I have a serious stuttering problem that prevents me from playing.
The moment when the game ran better for me, and for my friends that use AMD GPU was when they released the update that inaugurated the map Tideway. (UPDATE 1.7 if I'm not mistaken).
After that came a small update that compromised 2 maps for me. Precint and refinery.
In the case of the refinery my FPS dropped a lot, running between 30 fps on average while on the other maps it is around 60-80.

In the case of precint I started to have many problems with stuttering. Really much! and that remains today.
The problem is that with each new update one or more maps have the same stuttering problem. Today I have serious problems with stuttering in Precint, Bab, Crossing and Hideout (Hideout is a little better). And refinery with that FPS problem.

Please help me. I love this game, and I've been playing since it was still just a MOD.

My PC:
Radeon RX-560 GPU
16GB Ram