Will this game have romances?:

I know is not the same developer as Technomancer/Greedfall as far I know, but romances are very popular in rpgs and I was just wondering if this game will have romances, specifically same sex romances, Greedfall confirmed same sex romances some days ago and the lgbtq community exploded of happiness.

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they going on a linear base story, so if they add romance in you don't gonna be able to choose with who

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I also wonder if there will be any romance options available? No confirmation from the devs yet?

it's not even sure they finish the story

@altimos so if the story is linear, the main character is a defined one? (like Geralt or the main character from Vampyr) The story can be linear but with different outcomes, I mean this is pretty basic in a rpg. I cant wait to know more about this game tho, I LOVE werewolves 🙂

in VtM:B the story was linear, but you was able to create your own character. and more than that, iknow this is not a real clue, but when you look at the first designe they made for this game, i'm not sure they want a love story in.


If any gameline lent itself well to romances would be Werewolf. Kinfolk and all.

No chance of a tsundere Ghural romance?

I'm really hoping it's not a Garou dating sim.
To be honest, I'd rather there be focus on the pack, comradery, pack and Sept politics, and the horrors of war rather than dealing with any sort of romance storyline... unless there's some story about Kinfolk upset that their mate has died in the war against the Wyrm and fearful for the life of their child, or an abused Kinfolk mate, etc.

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