Suggestion: A possibility to pick up a magazine dropped after a quick reload?

I would like the devs to give us the possibility to pick up the dropped magazine even if a quarter full.
I've encountered the same event many times over where I'd need to grab the magazine rather than run out of bullets and look for a weapon on the ground to use. The mags can already be seen on the ground after dropping them, so we only need an implementation that allows us to pick them back up.
In terms of optimization, I believe the magazine doesn't have to lie on the ground for longer than a player's corpse with a low ragdoll count.

I agree with this. In addition, it would be nice to have the ability to repack magazines.
It could also be a useful feature to be able to hand magazines to other players. My friends and I are frequently caught in the situation where one of us has no ammo, but you can only take magazines from downed teammates, so we end up crawling around trying to get ammo from downed teammates, when we could just hand a magazine to one another.
I think these would be relatively simple to implement in terms of the coding and animation, and would add a lot to the teamwork aspect of the game.

That would also be great!