what are the References for?

i use the editor for hours on end and still i am behind the curve on figuring it all out.. What are the References in the terrain drop down for?? they just seem like little maps. i tried to open them to put in my maps to see how they work and keep hitting a wall. any clarification will be greatly appreciated. Rufus

That's exactly what they are. Say you make a little 3x3 map of a swamp that looks really good, you can save that as a ref then add it into a larger map so you don't have to handcraft that swamp all over again. Kind of like making a house from small Lego bricks, then taking that entire completed house and plopping it into a Lego street vs recreating the whole house again from scratch. Savvy? 🙂

I like the idea of using references but not be able to move objects and modify the reference when imported into a map keeps me from using them. I try to make everything as natural as possible and using the references without being able to modify them feels to copy/paste for my liking. Unless I'm missing something and you can modify them when imported into a map?

Oh, I know where to find them and how to create them myself. I was talking about modifying them after you create them and add them to your map. You can load up the reference by itself and make changes but it would be nice to make changes to them from within the map you are using them in.

Just a tip for anyone you can also use levels as references. I do this sometimes when I've made a map fleshed it out, and realised that I needed the map to be one or two blocks bigger. So I make a new terrain to the size I need and the add a reference to the center as close as possible. Then blend terrain around referance, build the extra tiles inn the new map save and bam resizes your map. Another good thing with this technique is that when you edit the referance level save and return to new resized map all you have to-do is rebuild it will overwrite with new changes to referance level without having to delete and replace so no part is unable to be edited during or after the resize you still have access to the whole map.

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