(Map Release)Mt. Misery:Mudrunner

Well here it is guys the map you all hate is back! No Pics yet

OLD MAP SHOWN HERE! DOES NOT REPRESENT WHATS INGAME!(ie. no green lines on ingame map) But......All hill names still apply! (ie. The Suck/RollerBoulder) 😬 👍
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It does look a bit different but i really like how it grew.... anyways without any further gabbing.

Mt.Misery:Mudrunner Level Files Only Update

Mt.Misery:Mudrunner Download(Full Install Updated Level Files)

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and BAM! just like that my evening is planned! lol

Beauitiful! And that ground texture is lush!

@gabe lmao! Bro You know how that goes I cram a few beers I may be ripping that snot rocket thing I made....😂

She needs a few xml tweaks. But if you know what you're doing...you can make a damn fine bouncer out of 'er. 🕶
0_1520805437536_LC Bouncer.jpg
0_1520805481335_LC Bouncer 2.jpg

Still working on the gearing. And eventually gonna slap some bigger meats* on it too.

*Tires, for those not in the know.

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@mudhappy that's badass! The land bouncer! :the_horns: 😂

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maybe it is just me or my PC, but those lighting files... ....is this right?

Summer Time lighting, fall looked about the same for me as well.
alt text

i knew it was going to be a winchfest, but i had to try anyway. yes i got the garage unlocked. lol
btw i switched back to the stock lighting files as you can tell.
alt text

@drgonzo1489 ok, must be a personal preference then. it is just all a bit too much imo. maybe a bit more contrast and lower the brightness a touch might be the fix for me to try then? i dig the different lighting do not get me wrong. just a bit too much for me is all.