Thanks for the Game! Hope would be next.

I want to thank developers for such a good game. Looking at achievements percents I see modern gamers do not look Sneak games. They mostly like to kill. This game reminds me of beautiful Thief LGS. Thank you for this.
There were some minor things I do not like in Styx SoD, but still it is better than most of modern games.
Please answer, would you advance the Styx story? And would you add elf shape-shifter story with different abilities?
I can suggest some skills/upgrades if you interested.
Best wishes!

Hi, I also love Styx games (I played the first Styx and I have waited for the second one and bought it as soon as it has been released !) and the improvements made for shards of darkess : graphics, the technics with clones like the transfer even if I regret we can't trap chests anymore, the skills, and the gear wich bring some fresh air to the game (I love the skin of every suit, but I wear the Akenash suit because it gives a bad boy style to Styx - I would rather there's no bandage but after a few minutes in game I don't see them anymore.

I just have one remark to make about coop mode. I love coop modes particularly in stealth games, and in syx, it is just perfect (the attack of the clones) but it should be great if we could have at least a tchat. Because sometimes a player want to make the game without killing and when a player comes, he doesn't know and kill an enemy, upseting his mate.
It should be great as well if there were a few "contracts", playable in coop or solo, which could be missions for stealing artefacts, or killing a man/elf/dwarf (with random target and spawn in order not to be always the same) but beside the campagne mode in order to add play time to the game.

I hope I haven't been too long and I am waiting for the next Styx !



Not developers answer, but still answer 😉
Coop was made last and was not polished. No chat, no Portal like communication.
Side missions would be great, especially ability to create by players.
Too sad little studio has no resources for that.
Best wishes!

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