All Infamy points gone, AGAIN!

I’m playing on a PS4.

I started up the game today and all my infamy points are at a negative number the issue from several months ago.

I have done none of the story missions.
I did not do any crazy swapping of the save files.
I can not see any new updates.

All the infamy points are gone and I have a -181!??

All the infamy milestones have all been reset to 0. For example, all the hired muscle items all say 0/1 and I can get the points back if I hire the specific class but....that only lowers the negative number so, I’ll only be able to get back to zero infamy? ( if I hire a deadeye my infamy goes from -181 to -178)

What gives? I can see where anything changed except my main gang got to a rating of 5450.

Anyone else have this happen recently?

After completing the operation I was doing, the negative number went away but, all my infamy milestones were reset like I had never done them. ??

I can get them all back but, why would they just all reset like that?

Back to killing hopeless AI toons before they can blow themselves up.