will SANDSTORM be affected by this?

This is an interesting thought man

@thenickgann said in will SANDSTORM be affected by this?:

This is an interesting thought man

and a horrible thing for FPS (and other) games,if its true...

this legal thing has been in my mind for while, i probably found out about this from WAY back when counter strike games still use the CV-47 name for the AK.

maybe a slight altercation to the model and names would make this possible?

This really sounds like bs to me. Companies knew that all the time. BF4 released when, 2k13? Do you think that 4 years ago, lawyers didn't know about this? Well...

Also, modern combat games release all the time. What about Far Cry 5? Nearly 100 modern weapons ingame. Also Humvees and stuff. It's just about the money. They want to sell you a license. And big companies are able to afford it. Even to lock it (NFS held the Porsche license exclusively for at least 6 years.)

Bluedrake mentions how there are no longer HMMWV's in Squad, I went into Squad, checked it, nope... still there, it's just map-specific and the devs listened to the playerbase requesting the Oshkosh MATV

But I don't see how that would affect Sandstorm, as it's free promotion for gun-companies to have their weapons in games

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