I can reproduce a bug in the game that brings you to a dead end in chapter 5 - the tower.
I end up at the exit with no bodies to distract the rats with and no torch or lightsource i can use to get past them.

What I did:
after stealing the torch from the cart, which the soldier circles around I went up the step to the place whre you can find the oliphaunt. I shot down the two dead bodies for the rats to eat them.
THEN i went back with the torch that i had left at the step and collected all the artifacts in the entire area and upgraded my pocket at the toolbench in the wooden tower. this created a checkpoint.

the chcekpoint is me with the torch at that workbench, after the dead bodies have already been shot down.

when i wanted to exit the map the two bodies are no longer there and the rats are everywhere again. i cannot get past them.
its the end of the game there, because there is nothing i can do to get past these rats. i cant bring the torch, and there are no bodies left for them to eat.

i think the game needs to be patched by returning the dead bodies, when loading the checkpoint, so it is possible to continue. without them there is nothing that can be done, expect playing chapter 5 again from the beginning.

Anyone have the same issue or an idea how to get past this now?