PTS not loading

I just downloaded the latest patch. Starting the game it crashes after a few seconds on the Menu Screen. Anyone else have this problem?

im having that problem too

When the "game crash report" window pops up, just click somewhere on the screen and simply put it in the background. DON'T close it. Also, this version of PTS doesn't work with the savefile from live game. This worked for me, I'm on PC. 😉

Yes, me and many people have that problem. Already reported in the patchnotes thread, devs are investigating it.

For now you can try entering proving grounds before the game crashes and it should load and let you play. If Crash Dump Sending Utility pops up don't touch it, just alt-tab back into the game.

I found by ignoring the crash report i can play fine. just hope it saves 🙂

My work around of that issue is:
Open the PTS and enter on the Trials menu till the game crashes, when the pop-up appear tab back to the game ignoring the popup, and load a slot or start a new game or continue with the one your already playing.

But in my tests I've can only load saves from live version where I've didn't do anything in Imandra and Yukon, when I tryed to load the save where I completed the 100% the game remains forever on the loading screen.

So if you want to play crash the game and ignore it before trying to load the slots and load only slot without progresion in Yukon or Imandra.Or start a new game.

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Would be kind that the DEVs provide a vanialla "Yokon finished" file for those who want to test. My earliest backup was from early August and that fails also.

I stay on modmaps until this shit is resolved. Cause I do not want to redo 200++h with Michigan, Alaska.... till Imandra and then go to Yukon to see whats happens.

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