Caterpillar 745C Container Carrier Issue (12.2)

Hello, I just noticed that in the store in the description of the container carrier for the Cat 745C appears a list of cargos, and is the only addon that has a list of cargos, some of the cargos of the list currently take more than two slots on other trucks.


I tryed to autoload the cargos on the list but the game only let my autoload CargoCelulose and Packaged Sand.


I don't know if thats intentional but if it is, I think the container carrier should be able to pack other cargos that visually are the same(also onto a blue platform), like the ones in the picture loaded on the 5600TS that looks like works the same loaded onto a blue platform also.

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

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Hello, still in 12.1

Greetings and keep it improving the game.

Hello, Still issues(12.2) with the cargos on the list, some are too long and still not capable of pack the other cargos with blue platforms.

Greetings and keep it improving the game.