The Council Is Out Now!
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The first episode of The Council is now available! The complete season includes a total of 5 episodes. Let's celebrate with today’s Launch Trailer!

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The Council is an episodic game like no other, that delivers a fresh new take on the genre, where your choices and also you character growth truly matter. Make hard-hitting decisions, develop an array of skills and directly impact how the story unfolds. With permanent, long-lasting consequences, there is no going back…

In The Council – Episode 1: the Mad Ones, you begin your journey with Louis de Richet on Lord Mortimer’s private island and try to discover your mother’s fate – before it’s too late. Joining you are a number of high profile guests, including Napoleon Bonaparte and President of the newly-formed United States of America, George Washington.

The strange nature of this private reception goes beyond just the prestigious guests –Richet’s own mother has recently gone missing on the island, while each and every one of the colorful cast seems to have their own hidden agendas.


In a new twist for the genre, the core of The Council’s gameplay comes from manipulating and maneuvering through character encounters using the unique Social Influence system. During confrontations, skills and limited resources can be used to gain the upper hand and achieve the desired outcome.

Players will be rewarded for their knowledge of each character’s psychological vulnerabilities and immunities, as well as their preparations made during prior exploration and investigation. Failing an encounter does not mean ‘game over’, and no action can be taken back. The consequences are permanent and may result in persistent physical disfigurements or mental traits that help or hinder the rest of the player’s adventure.


Richet’s numerous skills can be developed to align with your chosen approach to the adventure. Solve issues with diplomacy, delve into occultism to expand your historical and scientific knowledge, or play detective and see what others do not perceive. Your skills will have uses that extend far beyond your conversations with fellow guests.

With 15 diverse skills to use and invest in, players are free to uncover The Council's mysteries how they see fit, with wildly varying consequences depending on their methods. The results will forever alter the life of Louis de Richet, of those around him, and shape history as we know it.

The Council’s first episode, The Mad Ones, is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The complete season will include a total of five episodes, with new episodes releasing regularly in 2018.

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I live in the US and for some reason I can't access the page to buy the game? It's not anywhere on my playstation store?

Community Manager

@dylanc It's not out in the US yet, it will launch at 10AM PST today.

Hello. Could you answer - why in this game there are no Russian subtitles?

Please, i wrote you via Face, Twitter, made a Discussion on Steam and nothing ..
Please, i don´t have the money to buy all the episodes, i don´t have consoles either. I want to play episode 1 to see if the game is so awesome as it looks. If it is, i´ll save for the complete episodes and buy it.
Is there any chance to try the 1 episode for free or to buy only Episode 1?
I could be playing it and recording and streaming the cracked game. But i don´t do that. I don´t steal.

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