Introductions / how did you hear about thread

Hey guys, thought I might start a thread where we introduce ourselves and possibly explain how we heard about the game.

I'm Smile, I'm 24 and I am a casual online content creator. I first found out about this game when I was test-recording a podcast with my friends and we were reading gaming news articles.

Hope to hear your stories too and welcome to the forums!

I've accidently found this title at my youtube recomendation list and now I'm really waiting for the release date, 'cause I really like the games which are connected with history.

Hey, i just found out about this game on internet, i LOVE the period, the environement, the ambiance is astonishing, the gameplay looks amazing and the music too !

I'm so much looking forward to play the all story ! I'am a fan already !

is there any "pre-purchase" program ? or any inscription "fan" program ?


Community Manager

Hey @Ryosuji,

We're happy that you appreciate the game's atmosphere.

The game is currently available for preorder on Steam.

As for consoles, we'll be sharing more news in the future!

Good day!

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