problems problems problems lol

i don't know if it is me or the game . new map paper mill first contract includes 2 large pipes. the 3rd and final area c requires 2 large pipes , amongst other stuff of course, warehouse has only 2 pipes. no factory to make pipes, generator powered supply warehouse none will make large pipes what am i missing ? i cant finish papermill c phase

@barefootbob Yeah, devs forgot to include large pipes I guess 🙄 The train station has small and medium pipes, container and fuel. Instead of fuel there should be large pipes I think, because you can get fuel on 2 or even 3 other locations already.

There is a workaround though: A task on the second map with a large pipe to rescue can be used to complete the papermill contract, since you are able just respawn that large pipe in the river over and over and store those pipes in a warehouse nearby:
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thats brilliant !


I already completed that task and have no access to do that without restarting the entire game. Which i ALREADY had to do because they screwed up both of my saves from completing yukon and i cannot access those saves. I literally started wisconsin @ lvl 2 ! 1st wisconsin map is completed.
grainswood is about 50% complete . I guess i am at the mercy of the devs until they get around to fixing it

there are 2 other bugs i am going to post up. bugs that won't let you move forward does not bode well for my OCD it friken drives me insane !

Not sure whether this is the right place to advise the issue just experienced. Drove my WS714WM-E into the Grainwoods River garage to install AWD and left garage. HUGE catastrophic conflict with truck being flung all over the country-side due, in the main, to the orientation of the exit zone. Can exiting vehicles be oriented 90 degrees to the right along the axis of the garage?? as in Black Badger Lake. Anyone who attempts to exit garage with any long vehicle will have the same trouble. (KSIVA:p:34ae3)

It´s related to this bugreport - perhaps you post it there to make it easier for the devs to find your report?!