new paystar issues

nice looking truck
HOWEVER, AWD does not work , to low to the ground. first 2 logging contracts are in deep mud. how about bigger tires ? and o ya fix the AWD please....................................

PS did i mention the AWD does not work ......................

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@barefootbob this was mentioned just 264 times 🤦🏻♂

@Eversman said in new paystar issues:

@barefootbob this was mentioned just 264 times ‍

Make that 266 times ~ turns out to be FULLY frustrating when my two wheel drive Kodiak C70 OUT-PULLS the monster ~ why are big truck in this game so bleedin lame all of them.

are you sure this paystar must be equipped with awd?
does it have 8x4 (8x6) versions irl?

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@gbeeTen and is not amazing that it has been mentioned 266 times ( now 267 ) and it still is not corrected. it is a glitch in the xml file. so a simple fix.

The real problem here, as i see it . I don't believe when they create these maps that they play them through , AT ALL ! how can you not notice the AWD not working on a brand new DLC truck ? how do you not supply enough large pipes to complete a task ? How do you NOT know 1 of the triggers is not even working ?

I understand the basics of bleed over and codes crashing into one another so to speak, ( like i said BASICS )

then they ask for codes and replays?

Hold on, play YOUR friken game and you would already KNOW !

I get this is a TEST server, but my gosh , play it through at least 1 time on console and pc and then start testing on us .

In my un-educated opinion it is ridiculous for some of these simple problems not to be corrected before hand .
and then not interact / acknowledge the issues and days or weeks could pass before they bother to correct .

yukon was a bloody knightmare. Wisconsin plays very smooth very little problems compared to yukon. but some of these problems are just silly. Front axel torque ( none) CMON ! the game didn't change that setting ill wager a lazy programmer missed it and never played the game through.

rant over ...........................................