The new so-called "hardcore mode" is a huge disappointment and here's why (a thorough look)

@Jellyfoosh I completely understand that 🙂

I broadly agree that simply applying extra costs to everything won't make for a satisfying experience on its own.

I think they need to go a little more hardline with some things.

  • Why put a nominal fee on truck recovery, when you can just disable it completely. If you get a truck stuck so badly that even two hours of winching won't get it out... well, that truck is a write-off, buy a new one 😛 (This is probably the biggest thing for me, as the game always shines the most when you create difficult situations you have to dig yourself out of)
  • Why put a nominal fee on automatic cargo loading when you can just disable it completely?

I do agree with putting a fee on vehicle deployment... way back, I made this suggestion, but I suggested it should be a two-tier thing - have it cost more to move trucks between regions than between maps within the same region.

Back then, I thought it would be a good idea to have repairs/repair-points cost money, but it's probably fairly meaningless unless the costs are significant enough.
What might be better is a system where repairs take time, combined with in-the-field repairs being limited - so you can patch up a truck using repair points/wheels to a minimum-driveable level, but then have to leave a truck in the garage for a few hours before it's repaired up to 100%. That way, a spate of carelessness could leave you with a whole fleet in bad shape, and you might end up having to take out partially-repaired vehicles.

Oddly, I think the one thing I don't see any real point in is restricting time-skipping. Day/night is barely more than an aesthetic preference, and when the sun's shining through my window and glaring on the monitor, it can just become annoying trying to see anything at all without skipping ahead to daylight.

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unfortunately, Urals are available with permanent 4x4/6x6/8x8 thanks to the URAL Automobile Works JSC 2-speed transfer box with its integral inter-axle (centre) diff, like used on past and currant Ural-4320, regardless of if they have the old bonneted behind engine cab layout (/71 or /73) or the option Iveco cab over engine layout (/82 or /82M).

In general terms Russia (pre and post 91) has a lot more truck designs that are natively permanent AWD even though they may offer both selectable AWD and permanent AWD variant options on the same truck depending on the end-user on/off-road bias of use.


Consider this discussion as an input about basic game mechanics. Its a "game" and should be challenging and simltaneously also rewarding - its not a competition in "applied masochism".

most of hardcore (not hard) modes are pure masohism for pro players- remember hell in diablo (1&2), interloper in longdark, etc.