Distribution "weirdness"

Got this thing i don't understand.
0_1520890684059_Screenshot (1156).png
0_1520890707982_Screenshot (1157).png
First picture 'Rebuild Terrain'
Second 'Rebuild Visible'
Why do the stubs not render when doing 'full rebuild'? (tree "density" is also better in 'visible')..
I'm stumped.

Insert rimshot here... lol stumped...

Do you have Steam overlay enabled? I know it can cause some odd issues.

That's just how it works. It's part of the learning curve. Figuring out when to, and when not to, use rebuild terrain or rebuild visible. They both have their inherent flaws. You can get away with never using rebuild visible. In fact it's almost nothing but trouble. I never use it. Because I know the trick to increasing distribution density without having to use it for that(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spintires Mudrunner - Editor Beta\Media\prebuild\common\brushes). But there's also times when rebuilding terrain will screw you too. Sometimes you need to be able to figure out what distribution(s) needs added last, without rebuilding terrain or visible afterwards...and screwing it up. But what you need to learn first is what rebuild technique does what to what. Then you can use, or not use, whatever rebuild technique to get whatever effect you want, or don't want. Call it the tricks of the trade. You'll get the hang of it eventually. It's not that complicated really.

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Except, it doesn't seem to be working normally for joridiculous.

Rebuild terrain rebuilds everything, rebuild visible only rebuilds what is visible in the viewport. They both are supposed to rebuild everything and that is not the case here it seems.

EDIT: After thinking about it some more I realized I wasn't completely accurate. Rebuild Visible does not render grass that is included in a material like the grass material. It should, however, render everything else.

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@picsoul Steam overlay os off for the editor.
Yeah, that's more like the problem. I haven't had this in other maps.
I use 'visible' often. It is a quick way to see if the area works out ok, and is useful when placing distributions to see if they happens to be to close to something..

@MudHappy I usually play around with the Seed number. Easy to change them in the map.xml
But for stumps, Birch, Bushes, they simply refuse to work in this map.

Wonder if the map terrain is to detailed, but then again, Pines/Spruces/Firs works perfectly. And so does Plants.
I be darned.. Now it work. I simply changed ground material for a forest texture (had rough) and bushes, birch, some flowers and grass (lots of that btw??) and by look of map in game, stumpes are there to.
Who'd thunk 😬1_1520910345235_20180313035254_1.jpg 0_1520910345235_20180313034405_1.jpg

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And there's that too. Some ground materials don't get along very well with some distributions. Pretty steep learning curve when there's no really thorough guides to read(or watch). I've been thinking about starting an editor guide/tips and tricks thread. Maybe I will eventually...

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Yea some ground tiles will only accept certain distribution types. ie dirt will only accept and place the debris_stones (grass) type

@drgonzo1489 I swap the materials so 'Grass' is Dirt, and 'Dirt' is what ever (this map its a forest texture).
This worked fine on my previous map, where Grass="dirt" Dirt="soil" Map="base" and had no apparent problems with distributions. (Blending materials is a PITA this way though)

Still good to know though: materials matter!

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