Sequoia tree help or is it glitched

after wrangling and maneuvering this thing for a couple of hours i did manage to pick it up a few times. then of course it runs into or / interferes with the crane. i finally got it dropped down unto the log trailer and between the uprights on the truck. now it wont pack.

1st off this is excessive for picking up a stupid log. secondly i don't even know if the long log set up is what you are supposed to use to load it up with! this is excessive and ridiculous . it is probably MORE stupid than the telehandler when it first came out ,

any suggestions ?

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The logs have to be centered on the trailer. If they are not in the correct position (the dot will change to green when they are) they won't pack.

@barefootbob I found that currently the sequoia can be pack only in semitrailers with 5 or more slots, it don't pack in any of the logging add-ons.
The crane winch point (normal cranes not the logging ones) is a little buggy becuse if you have the mission tracking active the pickup point interfers with the winch point.
I found that also happens with the with the large pipes in missions.

@treneroefc so crane and 5 slot trailer i . lol omg all that time lol i stubbornly fought that thing with that stupid clamp nand log trailer jeeeez . thank you for the info