*FIXED IN 12.5* Very low framerate near the locomotive in coop <PTS 12.2> (still present in 12.4)

When I approach the locomotive in coop my framerate instantly drops to 4-5 fps from usual 60-100 fps. The problem doesn't happen when I get near it in Singleplayer or in the Proving Grounds, only in Coop.

In this clip you can see that when I switch to a vehicle which is far from the train my framerate is fine, but when I switch back it lags again:

Here you can see how my framerate drops when I approach the train and after I reverse away from it my framerate is back to normal:

Same as the previous clip, but this time it starts lagging at greater distance, probably because the host was pulling the train:
The person who was the host in this clip added me to friends on Epic and this is what he wrote:
SnowRunner Screenshot 2021.01.16 -
So it's not just me. I later asked him to start the game in singleplayer and tell me if it laggs then and he confirmed that in singleplayer it runs fine.

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Hello @Amynue
Thank you for the report.
Can you please attach your DxDiag file for the investigation?
To get it, display the Run dialog using Windows+R, type dxdiag and tap OK. Then, you could save your dxdiag as .txt file and attach it to the reply.

@rudeborya said in Very low framerate near the locomotive in coop <PTS 12.2>:

Can you please attach your DxDiag file for the investigation?


The same here. First I thought it´s because of my old system I´m playing on but my friend with an high end system had the same issue (yesterday):


@Amynue Thank you for the info.
We will investigate this issue.

Still broken in PTS 12.3

@aessiq This is still happening in 12.4

It's a coop session, I'm alone yet it still happens. Drops to 4-5 fps as before.

This appears to be fixed in 12.5

Thank you.