how many accounts per game

How many accounts can you have per copy of BB2? as in log into game with a different coach name

how many teams can you make?

will we get more account slots with LE?

will we get more team slots with LE?

If i buy a 2nd copy would I then get different account slots (so extra) ?

I know it was said some place but cant find it, not sure if the LE part was ever answered or addressed

This is just what I've heard through people in other discussions:

  1. I've heard you can have up to 3 coach names associated with a single email address. If you need more, just make a dummy gmail account and use that.

  2. I think they expanded it to 40 teams per coach.

  3. No idea

  4. No need as you can make unlimited number of gmail accounts

well seems not... it is to the CD key not to an gmail 😞
i have reached my limit
The 1st i dont even know what it is
The 2nd was when I didnt know they put the coach in so its Coach Coach Jester 😞 so wont use
and my 3rd is the one i have always used Kaiser, because some pretend me took my name from BB1 😞

why cant i get the option to Delete MY account from MY side geez

so back to my CD question.... Is LE counted as a new CD Key? if so I "should " get 3 more slot coach name options (only need 1 more or get rid of my other 2 from first CD key)

From Netheos in a PM
Hi, you can create up to 5 coach accounts with a game copy. And up to 40 teams with one account. No additional slots with LE, neither for accounts nor for teams. If you buy a new copy of the game, you'll have 5 new account slots.