When will community get access to Closed-Alpha test?

@skorow Тут бы ещё ключей дождаться)

@redmiller нет, ну это понятно, и всё же... Просто зная ВГ... Прийдётся ждать ещё))

Можно ли какую нибудь информацию, уже конец рабочей недели, а новостей всё нет.

Whether it is possible what kind of information, already the end of the working week, but there is no news.

@redmiller said in When will community get access to Closed-Alpha test?:

Тут бы ещё ключей дождаться)

А что удивляться то... Это ж VG
Да и инфа 146% что проджектом будет MrДи.
Вся надежда на Home interactive, что они со своей стороны смогут пинать VG

Community Manager

Hi guys, we ran a big internal stress test last week and found some last minute technical issues that we have to fix before launching the Closed Technical Alpha.

We're forced to slightly delay the start of the testing session on your side. The version we share with you has to be stable enough to gather useful data. We'll keep you updated about that!

In my case, simply nothing happened when I clicked on the big red register button. Tried it back when the registrations first opened, and again a few days ago. Now I tried it again just now and got a message that I am already registered, so I guess it worked at some point, but there was zero feedback.

Maybe a confirmation email would be a good idea...

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