PTS Update 28/01/2021 (12.5)

PTS DLC 3: Patch 12.5

Hello everyone! New list of bug fixes and improvements is here in new update. We appreciate all your feedback and comments πŸ™‚

General additions:

  • Supported auto disabling for generator once it’s moved out of the zone
  • Ongoing art fixes and improvements for logging gameplay

General fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where and "Out of nowhere" task's truck was represented by a different icon on a map, objectives, and in-game
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to select a specific item to repair in the repair menu
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Fuel Station' pop-up window continually overlapped another pop-up window after some actions
  • Fixed a bug where the large pipe did not collide with the wooden bridge during the task "Don't push your luck"
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to pack logs into 'WS 6900 Twinsteer' and 'ANK MK38' trucks with help of a Log-loader crane
  • Fixed a bug where the selected curtain did not re-applied after removing it in the garage
  • Fixed a bug where the "Cancel Contest" button overlapped with the rewards in the description of the contest Mud Tested
  • Fixed a bug where the arrows of some instruments on the dashboard of the 'Pacific P512' truck show values that can't correspond to reality


  • Fixed a bug where wipers of the 'International Paystar 5600TS' were clearly visible through the windshield at cockpit mode when the windshield is wet
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Did you just copy paste from 12.4? πŸ˜‚ Could you please provide the actual patch notes?

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No news about paid truck ? (CAT CT 681)

Now I can auto load medium logs, but I cannot unload/deliver to the sawmill.
By pushing the button, the menue is only blinkin/jumping to the first cargo (I had spare parts on the truck bed). This was in Wisconsin, 2nd map.

At Drowned lands, I load at the trainstation medium logs, one trailer, and gonna deliver them to the farm. At the deliver point I cannot unload/deliver them... but everytime I pressed the button to unload/deliver, I deliver 1 cargo of medium logs, without loosing them from the trailer. So I pushed 6 times the button to deliver, and the contract was fullfilled.

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Still no small logs?

@Jaakko95 small logs will not be part of phase three. One of the devs confirmed it on the discord server.

Was the issue with mods fixed, or are all mods still not working?

link text???????????? WTF????????

The error you generated could not be fixed in 1 month. !!!!!!!! ????????
12.5 still doesn't save video advanced settings ???????????????????????????????????

And it finally came to be
alt text

This post is deleted!

Rocket... nice one... transport a Russian space rocket πŸ˜ƒ

@SR71 Did that dev say why not?

@Nextej said in PTS Update 28/01/2021 (12.5):

New trailer SEMITRAILER_ROCKET is coming, likely for phase 4.

Dreaming about missions related with the Soyuz.

Hi all πŸ™‚
Seems that at least one of the stuck Bricks in "Gone with the wind" is still stuck4.jpg
I confirm that the 4 others Bricks are recoverable 5.jpg

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@idiocracy they've been fixed for a couple days for me


Send email to Saber, I did already today regards, Ver 12.4