Spun and crew

With some of the seasoned modders stepping away for whatever reason, it opens the door for new guys to showcase their skills, and hopefully they can match the talent of guys like Spun, Brute, Nix etc. I have to agree with Mudhappy though, most of his argument rings true. We see remakes of all sorts of things, movies, tv shows, toys, candies, tools etc. It's just the way the world works...people always want something for nothing. With That being said even with cheap knockoffs most people know the original and stick with it, I buy my tools from Snapon, my local dealer does not punish me for buying a cheaper Craftsman. He will point and laugh but never tells me he wants his tools back. I didnt realize the modding community was so self entitled.

@fearwheels if you want to learn have any questions or just wanna shoot the sh** send me a message bro...as long as theres no drama or negativity im here brother!!!

@mudhappy your right the community does pay for the actions of one person....but the high and mighty comment doesnt help...take care bro

I have to agree with wrenchinmonkey!! He's 100 percent right!! This is why the community is losing all the good modders!!!

Smaronenine!! If your still interested in me paying u to build me a mod!! I'm all in bro!!

@tinbird4322 You're probably referring to Forces, I believe you were talking to him.

and now we have another "guest". ☹

dang, sucks to see people leaving, but people have to do what they have to do. my active friends list is changing everyday it seems and gets shorter. ☠

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@8up-local said in Spun and crew:

dang, sucks to see people leaving, but people have to do what they have to do. my active friends list is changing everyday it seems and gets shorter. ☠

EXACTLY what this guy said.

Ironically enough my Steam friends list is growing as more and more of the modding "legends" decide to distance themselves from the drama in here...

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Wow holy cow this is crazy all the drama, guess I need to pay more attention to the forums here though maybe its a moot point since people are already getting fed up apparently.

All I can say is there are a ton of great modders but Spun, Nix, WrenchinMonkey, Brute etc have been my go to modders since I got into the original Spintires...love the trail stuff and crawling and their mods are super high quality.

I love the potential of Mudrunner but it might be time to fire up the original to enjoy my favorite mods again.

Ya'll should've known it would happen, one day, as spun and brute were modding the game since almost the beginning. I'm surprised they lasted this long. People get burnt out doing the same thing over and over for long periods of time. Dang, it only takes me a couple months to get burnt out so I totally understand where they're coming from. I have a hard time finishing something that takes too long to create because I get burnt on it. Just be happy ya'll got all the mods ya did from them as they produced a hell of a lot and kept the game going for as long as they did.

Hi all, I'm not upset with anyone, and for the guys that think I think I'm "high and mighty" LOL makes me laugh, its not a competition, you sound like a hater. As for my friends we are not a crew, we have always done our own thing and have our own style, yes we help each other out, but we help others too, its all supposed to be fun. I love this game, its really the only game I play, but more then that, I love to mod this game and will continue to. I am burnt out and don't know if I will ever release again, but I know there is talent out there to keep this game alive.

_thanks for all the mods\assistance\motivation Spun! actually thanks to everyone that has helped me to really get into the Whole aspect of MR. it pains me to hear the negative mood that's being put out ,
_All because some of the guys are doing something else with 'Their' time.. why is there so much negative energy put into 'what could happen' to the modding community?. Spun's most recent thread has 26,400 hits, and over 350 posts. Where, All posts are positive remarks and it's not until the man decides to work on his REAL truck. that some people get all crazy.
_all else aside, it's a game. games are supposed to be fun...
Aren't They??