Move to Garage Bug (Weatherstation)

I had a strange issue with the weatherstation contract.

Was going with a 2070A and the last two planks to the station. Arrived there, got to the unloading zone, pushed the wheels "OK" button twice and was back to garage. WTF?!

Ok, next try. With the cargo again to the weather station, this time I used my mouse as I arrived there to unload. I was able to unload. And after i unloaded and got my XP/Cash, see what was on the screen:


There should be no accidental menu to get that button assigned to "return to garage". And it was still there.

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Appears to happen a lot, i've seen move to garage, cargo management, refuel etc. All working in places they shouldn't.

I occasionally make the same error when interacting with the watchtower, but it is difficult to reproduce

Its not YOU making the error, its a false menu which prefers Monty Python with "now to something completely different".