Time To Kill

Hello Fam,

I want to discuss TTK / Time To Kill. I know this has been talked about in the past, and the community is slightly divided on the topic. I want to hear everyone's thoughts on it. I personally think TTK needs to be turned up a little, or at least on the competitive side. I believe this can make the game play super competitive in the since that your have to control your recoil, and can make the scenarios amazing. Currently everyone for the most part gets two tapped, and the recoil is almost nonexistent. I think we need more competitive game modes... SND, Demolition ex. more round based game types. Keeping competitive at 5 players is fantastic BTW.

No. The short TTK is a part what makes this game. It’s been that was since the source mod. Perhaps you want COD. All their competitive modes are core only. INS is basically hardcore mixed with realism.

More game mode is very wellcome. I think IS lacks a bit of excitement sometimes.

I dont think TTK needs to change. Its very realistic the way it is because soldiers use heavy armor today.

I think it would be better to add some physical injures when shot. Example: Shot in the legs should cripple and heavy slow down player's movement. Shots in the torso should make the player drop to the ground or at least cause a strong disturbance to player current movement and aim. Shots in the arms should disable player to use rifle and make them switch to only pistols for some time.

Thats is very hardcore and realistic and fun.

TTK is absolutely fine in my opinion, it is a MAIN reason why I play Insurgency Sandstorm. I played hundreds of hours combined of FPS games and there is nothing more disgusting and stupid than emptying a full magazine into someone and seeing him run away with that. Just like in CoD Warzone for example.
Insurgency is a hardcore/realistic shooter and we don't have many of those on the market. This is the reason I love the game.

There isn't any more camping in here compared to other games. It is tactical, team-based with cooperation needed. The realistic touch that you don't know if you killed an enemy or not is also awesome.

TTK is absolutely fine. In other games is it insanely high, unrealistic and dumb.

Feel free to join the majority and play CoD Warzone or Fortnite, you will love it there. You can eat a sandwich while shooting someone and you will finish eating it before he dies.

Hello / evening, the ttk is also perfect for me. I play this game for that too.

But however, I would very much like there to be an official mod created by the developers: conquest with the use of the map as a whole, frankly that would be perfect and would increase the replayability of the game.


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Ttk is fine. Spray meta is not fine, it’s way too accurate. Wish semi-auto was more meta.

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What does competitive game modes have to do with TTK. If you get shot, you're just dead. Fortunately, there are games that do not rely solely on pay cheats like BF and COD. Anyone who trying to aim honestly have a chance to hit without a lot of TTK nonsense in this game. You can only wonder who wants their opponent to have higher TTK.