Defect wooden crossing

The ramps are in the air, even higher than the M916's bumpers.

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Glad to see they buffed the fuel tank of M916A1 to 351L


My tweak. I am currently testing that thing with different setups. Stock is still 200l and I am not exactly happy with the "tech tree". Especially with the AWD mechanics, giving you "enabled" a penalty for fuel consumption - but not applying to any truck having AUTOAWD.

The M916s offroad Gearbox has a fuel modifier of 1.4 when AWD is enabled. That translates to only 142 Liters of fuel with AWD on - if you directly compare that to the Voron AE or Azov 53. Additionally, the US Engine has a base fuel consumption of "7.5 l/min" delivering 192K (plus AWD Penalty), the Voron AE for example 200K torque and 8.5 base fuel consumption, no AWD Penalty. With access to muds of course and less weight. The M916 is 11 tons, the Voron AE 8.6 tons. So a Voron AE with flatbed plus steel cargo is approx the "dry weight" of the M916. Which still needs a trailer.

The M916 with 300l is quite OK, but its needs really a bit more framelength so the semi-trailers and the fifth wheel can turn better and these do not get caught at the rear winchpack. It has few low saddle trailers fitting well - and it gets caught a lot with the 5 slot sideboard semi in sharp turns. Stock suspension settings (damp/strength) are also nonsense and were adapted, ride height and center kept. Its finetuning, not a JBE mod....

More to follow.... I personally suggest to change it with a 30m Winch (as it has big fat one on its back) and 300-350l fuel (similar fuel as Voron Grad/Tayga). Or go down with it by at least 5 ranks and give it an "upgrade" fuel tank +100-150l at the current rank limit. Its still way worse and less flexible than any Tayga/Voron - but you can have some fun with and it would have at least some strongpoints.

By the way, any "1" at the end of the fuel shows me, that my tweaked truck was loaded.... And I like to play US trucks on US maps and RU trucks on RU maps. Few favourite ones except as I really love the small TUZ166 😉

To summarize: If I would have to change the M916, I'd keep the engine, I'd keep the tires with ground clearance and I would give it a winch and fuel buff plus a "working suspension". Lower the level required to buy that truck, so its your first semi hauler. Not as good as the early RU trucks, but you can make it work and at least its nimble with access to chains. At least you get that 2700T "Top engine" already on the second Alaska map. Its less powerful than the RU trucks (typical players havent been there with a clean playthrough) and its clearly between the Paystar 5070 and the first Vorons / Taygas.

Apropos Paystar, that doesnt need a lot. Additional Engine of approx 175K, suspension tweak (so it works), a bit adjustment with the wheels potitions, maybe a bit fuel (or upgradable Fuel tank by rank) and its ok. It should close the power gap to the later RU trucks with their base engines being better than the only one for the Paystar.
SD114 - Copy/Paste fix with damp/strength suspension settings of the Voron D, access to US_modern rather than US_OLD engines and it works. I would personally remove any saddle low from this truck as it has a really long frame catching on the semitrailer with the 5th wheel being properly positioned above the rear axles and there are already enough US semi-haulers. Well, and access to muds. It comes so lately in Alaska, that its initial use will be likely on Taymyr.

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