As the title suggests I am hoping to grab the devs attention in hopes we can piece together a solid patch to fix some of the platform specific issues and unlock some features now available to both consoles(freesync,uncapped fps, greater cell load and draw distance and maybe sharpened distant lods.)

To start off the list of fixes Xbox version desperately needs deadzone tuning to account for the core controller having tighter motion range when joysticks are locked down. Movement is very stuttery on them. There needs to be a toggle for v-sync and options for edge detection/aa intensity,motion blur and dof added to account for the new gpu. It does not transition well as it stands. Most of these should be simple enough fixes with the menus and ini adjustments.

Everyone please contribute but limit it to things that are feasible without a massive amount of work hours for devs outside of the needed fixes for game stability. I'd love to see this game gain a larger following and some new content but it needs some work still.