Just wanted to say thanks to the developers for all their efforts!

So i know some people might not agree with what i am going to say, but hear me out.

I played Necromunda in the 90's when it first launched as a brand new tabletop game. I absolutely loved everything about it. It was my favourite GW game of all time along with 40k. If i could have chosen i would have preferred playing Necromunda over 40K, but it was difficult back then to play consistent campaigns.

Regardless, when i heard there was a video game coming i was amazed. Couldn't wait! Followed it every step of the way, concerned it might not even happen after the big news drought.

However it arrived, and even with the janky AI, i really enjoyed it at launch. I completed the campaign and ran some operations with the gang i used in tabletop, the Orlocks.

However, after a while of playing operations i got bored. I stopped playing and have been working abroad until now so haven't had chance to get back into it until now. Recently reinstalled and bought the Van Saar DLC.

So after getting back into it, i am really enjoying it again. Having a break and getting away from all the negative backwash that came from launch has helped me see the game in a new light.

I mean, people complain about it a great deal even now. Some of the steam discussions, as usual, will literally make you have a stroke.

I just don't get it. Like yeah, its lacking some longevity and the AI is still sometimes mental.

However lets look what we do have:

  1. The atmosphere of Necromunda is there. From the maps, the menus, the aesthetics, the amazing load screens....its been captured perfectly. Want more! Especially the load screens (screensavers please!)

  2. The maps/verticality. The maps are incredible. It doesn't matter whether you like the gameplay or not, for a turn based strategy shooter, the mapping and scenery on this game are outstanding examples for the genre in general. There is also no other game like it where verticality is another tactical consideration along with cover.

  3. The gang customisation. This is essentially, the video game version of painting and converting your miniatures and is also quite excellent. Particular mention should go to the Van Saar gang, as there aesthetics are unbelievable, but the others are also good. The skills system is also very well executed. The amount of skills that complement and bounce off each other allow so many builds depending on what you want your gang to focus on. Same for the weapons. They are better or worse at something than each other. It adds a lot of options for specialising gangers.

  4. Operations mode. An ingenious mode to create the groundwork for persistent gangs and progress which so many of us were crying out for when the tabletop version first launched. The way each sector plays out, the way there are so many different missions and objectives and i personally love how there is only one pool of resources per sector that has to be shared between gangs. Its genius. Especially when you throw in raiding HQ's.

So after considering all this, i realised for a non AAA developer to create this game so well, even with its flaws, they must have not only worked extremely hard, no doubt with trials along the way, some of which we heard about in the alpha stages.

Not only that though, but it must have taken a tremendous amount of not only research but consideration of the subject matter. Whether it was from a professional viewpoint or an enthusiastic one, it matters not. No one can deny the effort that has gone into capturing the Necromunda feel.

So thankyou devs for working so hard, but keep that faith. Keep pushing out that quality content like Van Saar. Hopefully if what i worked out from the last patch notes is right, something to do with Dark Uprising may be close this February? Something to shake it up would be ideal rigut now.

I know there are a lot of naysayers that give up on the game but i feel the great potential here. When the game is good it is really good. Just need to keep working that AI and add some more substantial content other than just new gangs and i feel the community will pick up again.

There are after all, many old Necromunda fans who want it to succeed even if they don't sound like it. They are just hoping for more because they love Necromunda so much like me!

This is by far the best post on the forums right now. Totally agree with this. Especially point 2. Love this game.

Good points.

For the biggest problem though is that they'll never be able to make the game into something great because they undermined it by pumping way too much, time, effort and money into that bugged and unwanted campaign.

When what they should of done was put that time, effort and money into creating a more interactive and narrative driven Operations mode. All the advertising talk before release was "play as you want, make the gang you want" and they it's released with a chonking campaign where you have to play a pre-made that you can't customise in anyway.

It's my issue with Operations that there is just NOTHING to keep me playing. Collect higher Tier weapons? Why? If they looked different or were upgradable then yes that would be a reason, but they're not. They all look exactly the same and just offer a few more points of damage. Yawn, boring.

Yeah, all the points are valid, but I guess wish they were valid in a better game 🙂

Oh yeah and why they go for an actual map of sections of the Underhive levels where you captured territory that gave you bonuses and that led to rivalries an story points is beyond me.