Log Crane feels completely annoying


have yesterday tried again to use the logging crane to put some long logs back onto a tipped over vehicle. After only 150l wasted fuel I removed the cargo and decided to get new ones.

My issue: The crane has no proper feeling at all. Camera was in a dense environment (three trucks) sometimes "jumping around". With that high rotational speed, the log felt somehow on a rollercoaster. And it would be nice if there is was way to level a log by e.g. using the z/c keys (or 1/3...) to align that log parallel to the trailers axis.

Because the most annoying thing was, that I could not properly level out the long logs to put them back onto the log carrier. My truck tipped over while climbing a hillside - and the logs slipped to the rear and it was additionally short of impossible to grab them at their center of gravity to simply place them back on the truck. One put in position, the next one touching it - it fell off again. Yeah.

With the current state - I'd make either that cargo unspillable as there are likely solid ropes around it. Only if you detach the trailer, the ropes will be opened and cargo will be spilled. So you have still an additional complexity by requiring to put up a heavy truck plus trailer - but please stop that "mikado bullshit" with the logs. Another option would be, that a once properly positioned log stays onto that the trailer. Period, no movement of logs any more which were once properly positioned.

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@JTT said in Log Crane feels completely annoying:

"mikado bullshit"

Great term. In Ver 12.7 I am finding more stability with logs than with MudRunner or SpinTires. However, SnowRunner is still displaying it's ancestry, but I am happy that spilled logs are still there after game closure and overnight reboot, I managed to get the P16 and log trailer directly in front of the garage in Smithville, half way to a better road.

Having taken the load from Island Lake and around the coast of the peninsula from the gateway. I use almost every mod in the store to pull, push, refuel and repair the P16 and after a week I managed to deliver the load, I did get stuck on a rocky turn and dropped the load, dropped the trailer, pulled the P16 up, pulled the trailer up, reattached, went and got one log at a time and reloaded the P16, it accepted the load and reloaded and went on to deliver in Black River.

Now, I know in earlier SnowRunner this would not have happened ~ what was normal then was, one log missing, all logs missing, truck glitch when another was introduced, recovered logs falling through recipient trailer, I had none of this so I'm probably a little more tolerant of the "mikado bullshit" 🙂

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I had this issue on Wisconsin, the steep uphill section to the "Northern House".

If you tip over there and you are still at the uphill section, its so damn annoying to put the logs back as these simply refused to stay on the trailer and preferred to slide downhill with a slight "touch". Packing that cargo automatically (after you release of course) would help.