Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition giveaway on Twitch

Hi all,

I figured everyone was allowed one shameless plug in their life so here's mine - but before you stop reading i'm giving away several copies of BB:LE for free on an upcoming Twitch Stream!


Because what started life as just a bit of a laugh with a good friend of mine, Zunk, has grown arms and legs and taken off. We've been blown away by the response, and therefore we'd like to give something back to the community that we're part of.

I'll be running a raffle that is free to enter - doesn't even need you to be a follower - just physically be there on Sunday 27th August between approximately 1900 UTC and 2000 UTC. I'll be streaming the Season 7 Champions Ladder Semi Final between myself and Crucifier.

If you do want to stop by there link to the channel is here : []

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Dangit, why isn't there a like button?!


Tell your dad, Zunk, I said hello.

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