How about if Insurgency Sandstorm has...

--> a shot system, which that understands that which part of the body got shot and affect the functionalities of the user according to that:

  • Example: when you got shot from the arm, your accuracy and reload speed will decrease when you shot from leg your pace will decrease.

--> a new game mod which some type of SWAT experience. That's where some civilians get into the play. Clearing a building, an area, splitting teams, no talking, just orders with hand signs. (It can be done with replacing speeches with hand commands).
*Example: Rescuing the kidnapped diplomat shorter than 5 min before its live execution.
*Example: Change affirmative speech with "Ok" hand sign.

--> a new game mode with 3 teams, and all try to kill each other.

--> a medic class. When users got shot they may not die instantly. And maybe call for a medic friend?

What do you think about these? I'm looking forward to seeing some comments! Thank you all be safe.

Actually this game doesn't need medic in my opinion but the shot system would be good. If we talk about mods SWAT thing would be cool because with these mods (domination etc.) you can't do such tactics.

A "shot system" and a better room clearing mechanics would be a nice addition to the game. Red orchestra has the same exact mechanic like you mentioned, getting shot and depending on whether it hits the "non-vital" organ vs vital organ can have consequences on player functionality (I think this was how it is, kind of forgot).

As for room clearing? Too shallow for it to have a standalone game mode, though a nice addition to the regular game mode. Instead of capturing the last point and do long defensive gameplay like usual, you would rescue a civilian, international diplomat or someone important then wait for an extraction (2:30 defend the last obj, usual stuff).