Mudrunner: Motorsports?

So now that we all know that rock bouncers work amazing with the correct xml setup, thinking other motorsports? Tell me what you want below! To really flesh this type of gameplay I did this.

Think of being able to race and rut the course up and it not slow you down only alter the terrain your racing on slowly generating ruts and dug out areas!🤘

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time for a little stadium or trophy truck action maybe?

That would be sick dude!!

I'd want some Formula offroad vehicles! I've been working on a map of that kind for a long time

Youtube Video

On a side note I was working at those places setting up the tracks

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Paddle tires + liberal throttle application = awesome roostertails
That job must have been a blast, free event admission I assume?

@kent_bobo sounds like sand is next on the list then!

...... come on really!?

monster truck stadium with mud and car

@josh-t now this is way I'm saying!

Hello, guys!
We are already make some competitions in Spintires. Just look at TrophyStorm and MonsterStorm trailers.
We have already conducted orienteering competitions and sprints and are preparing new ones. We created maps faithfully transmitting landscapes of the real terrain and built an arena for monster tracks with different obstacles and trampolines. And now works on jeep-trial for Mudrunner.
We have a lot of ideas and plans and we are ready to cooperate if you find it interesting. 😉

Just made an account to comment that I would love to see a desert racing / CORR/ Baja style map

@drgonzo1489 It would be cool to actually have an indoor map for once. Build a stadium and build the map around it.