I think NWI is having trouble releasing for past-gen consoles. New-gen consoles have the juice, guys c'mon!

Devs, PLEASE release Insurgency solely for new-gen consoles. STOP messing with previous gen consoles. I'm not in the office, but I'm sure you're having trouble with past-gen compatabilities, people have got to upgrade already!! My Xbox S|X is dying for an immersive, modern shooter! I'd pay top dollar for it😥

they have to though, new gen consoles are still new so higher percentage of people still have last gen. Also the same reason cyberpunk 2077 released on last gen because they marketed the game for that gen console. But yeah one solution for it is to release it on new gen first and delay it for the last gen.

I wouldn't have an issue with that if only the availability of next-gen consoles wouldn't be the bottleneck.