30 - max level of experience is not enough

this is great and realistic game! thank you so much!) BUT max level of experience is 30 and that's all.. why? I've got it after only one location (Taimyr). There are so many experience in the other locations and i can't collect it because i've rich the max level of 30.
It would be so nice to get a new levels of experience with the new update.

And what would be the point of having higher level, as everything is unlocked at level 30?
Go to level 50 only if they add new equipment that is locked between 30 and 50?
Im not sure i see the point.

lvl 50 should add exlusive trucks and customisation options, they dont have to be OP just unique
ofc there is also a issiue with editing your save file some peaple can just edit rank in notepad

I agree, they could/should do more so at least you can see how much of a snowrunner god you are. We have all played many hours since reaching level 30 so annoying that all the xp since desnt mean anything. I'd like to see it increasing even if it has no effect.

If the levels did keep increasing then I'd also like to see something like bonus xp. The harder you make the mission the more xp you earn for it.
You wouldn’t need a hardcore mode then as you have a reason to implement it yourself.

totally agree, but why its in pts??

i like the thing with "level xyz" to get "vehicle xyz" and "engine upgrade" or things, what make the vehicle better and stronger.

but i dont like, that i must be level 30 to get a "spare wheel" 😡 everything optical upgrades depend from level sucks.

Especially if you have not the level for bumpers or rooflights to have a proper illumination in the darkness. Rear facing working lights as the P16, M916? Would be really great for all trucks having access to a saddle. Attaching a semitrailer druting nightime and not being able to skip time (e.g. in COOP) sucks.

Paystar and 2070A do not even have access to these at all.

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This is why I took the time to redo the zimmergirst or how ever it's spelled, contest over and over till I was level 30

Personally the way tires are level locked activates me as well. Why do I need to be whatever level to have mud tires and chains, why is this a thing? How about it be a mission. Michigan gives you all terrain tires, Alaska chained tires, and Taymyr gives mud tires. This would have made these locations challenging but also more immersive to a degree, not " welcome to big foot garage. I'm sorry but in order to buy and use these deep lug all terrain tires on your Chevy pickup you gotta be level 10. No sir I don't care how much money you have! Now git " sorry for the small rant but it's something that still annoyes me to this day 😕

But you have in mind, that the normal playthrough with Michigan, Alaska and the Taymyr is kind of evolution of options AND difficulty?

I think that having not that perfect tires in Michigan is a good trainer for path selection, which is then crucial for not failing hard on Taymyr, especially Zimnegorsk. Scouting with a TUZ420 in black river makes the game a sightseeing event and boring. Same if you do Michigan & Co with JBE mods and then complain about the game being boring and stock vehicles too weak.

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@JTT I opened the tunnel to the second map of Michigan then went straight to taymyr lol and to be fair, I've thought the stock vehicles even with the upgrades they got were a bit too weak anyway, there are only a handful of decent vehicles to use for mud or snow and all the rest are better off being sold if you don't wanna just play around with them. I haven't played since kovid lake. So idk whats changed since then, my xbone died and I haven't been able to replace it lol

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So you did everything with a Tayga and learned likely nothing other than "full throttle in Auto". Congrats, thats besides the JBE Mods (and others like these) a really good method to ruin the fun from the game. As a game is typically a challenge.

The Lake Kovd region was quite some shit, there are IMHO few people who enjoyed Imandra. But the remaining maps? Quite ok as these can be done with standard tech tree vehicles. If you cant do it, blame yourself and not the game developers.

@JTT i actually avoided the tayga lol, I was set on getting the flat face kolob I didn't learn how great the tayga was till I'd reached the 3rd map of taymyr and was activated to death with how often the Chevy kodiak got stuck lol also I enjoy games when they are challenging but when it comes to job sims, they, in my opinion, are far more fun when they are easy, meaning I move along to the best equipment as fast as I can so I can experience and enjoy the full game. Not struggle the whole way. Too much struggle ruins the experience and makes games boring. At least to me. As for imdra, I haven't played it so I have no opinion yet. P.s. The auto gears still suck, I'd rather leave it in low + and take more time than suffer the downshift hell that auto is lol

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