(Planned Mod)New substance layer pack for mappers.

With the introduction of my dirt mod, I realized the possibility of creating custom substance types. So I'm going to make different ones and create a pack for mappers to have custom substances to fit the local of the map. (Examples: loose dirt, hard dirt, clay, soupy mud, sand.) Keep in mind these will replace the mud layer so this will be in place of the mud. Not an addition just An alternate choice.... Will get this going asap as I'm very excited about it.

@drgonzo1489You're a Beast Dude!

@smaronenine haha thanks man I just want to make the game a bit more diverse.

Do you know if this will work on a per-map basis, or will it affect the editor as a whole? Like soupy watery mud on one map but thick sticky clay on another?

@mexican_420 yea the idea is that each map can have it's own surface shipped with the map so each there own

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