Any notification for alpha/beta BFG2 signup?

Forgive what is probably a question asked many times but this forum site is atrocious to use/search on....I can't find anything about sign ups for testing yet? Has there been any announcements and if so could any kind soul be so awesome as to point me in it's direction?

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@dreadspectre Not that I know of. We are mostly just coming up with random bits to chat about in a attempt to save ourselves from the non existent chatter coming out of the studio.

I'm sure their publisher wants it that way. I feel like they are excited about their game and would love to talk about it non stop, but THEY are under NDA at the moment. That's my uneducated guess for what it's worth.

No news on that. I've asked Netheos himself and gotten a "not yet". (It was a bit wordier, but that's the basic message.)

Alpha testing for us is likely not gonna happen haha. Beta maybe big maybe. Towards last quarter of the year.

Tindalos said that they are trying or gonna release it 2018. Games usually release in fall or christmas time well most do. Cause people love spending money during that time. But i would not be mad if they just released the beta and push release to next year for better play testing especially with these massive changes they underwent with the game.

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There is no Alpha or Beta testing going on right now. The team is in the core of the development. We'll announce any testing sessions here and on social networks. Have a nice day!

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