Does the season pass include episode 1?

I'm sort of confused here. On PS4 the "Complete Season" is priced at $30, while the "season pass" is priced at $25. My question is whether I need to buy the complete season to get episode 1 included, or whether the season includes episode 1 but is simply $5 cheaper?

Thanks in advance, I've heard good things about this game so far and look forward to downloading and playing it whenever this question gets answered.

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Episode 1 is available for download by itself. The "Season Pass" specifically states... "The Season Pass grants you access to episodes 2 to 5, 2 days before the official release." Meaning it's for people who've already purchased episode 1, and are now interested in the rest of the episodes. The "Complete Season" will contain all 5 episodes. The pricing that you save isn't that great (only saving about 2 bucks if you buy the complete season versus episode 1 and then the season pass) but something is better than nothing.

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@vengefulkenny As explained above, the Season Pass contains episodes 2, 3, 4 and 5 while the Complete Season contains all 5 episodes.

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