Mods being stolen

I don't know a whole lot about this new thing that's been happening, mod theft, but it needs to stop! The people that mod Mudrunner do it with passion, as a hobby. So why disrespect them and their work by stealing and claiming it as your own? Its just downright stupid in my opinion. With this happening, the true modders are scared to post any more of their hard work. They keep them "friends-only" or strait up take them down. So at the end of the day, if no more great mods are going to be made public because of the thieves, the game will slowly die. Because that's what most of the people that play Mudrunner play it for, to go trailing in Forces', Spun's, Brute's, Jay's and the Dark Circle Modding Team's awesome mods.

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It's not new. What's the point of screaming and yelling and pitching a fit at the people that aren't doing it? That's rhetorical BTW...

If you want to do something about something about it. If you think this is doing something about it. Think again...

yep, it is nothing new. i have been watching it happen for years, hell damn near 2 decades. lol

also mod builders are not scared of people ripping their stuff, they are just TIRED of it.

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Forgive the hell outta me, I just watched tomcat and thought it would be a good idea to post here. But I am helping finding the stolen mods, and when I do I report and tell the original creator its stolen and who stole it, you know.

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Just like how I just reported this fake Iyagovos

@joridiculous that is nice, but what keeps things from being taken and released outside that community?

this subjuect is something we all can talk about or not. it does not matter and will continue to happen regardless of what is done. once something is released to the public it is open game for anyone to do what they want with it, best we can do is just not download them, but as we know there will always be someone wanting something.

on a related note... Is it possible to encrypt custom level models or include them in the 2 main level files?

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I believe part of the idea with the way the files get renamed and such when uploading to workshop was to try to mitigate ripping them to some degree, but that obviously doesn't work...

@mexican_420, Not really. The renaming is just a Steam thing so mod names don't conflict with other mod names.

PZ's encription method was to make the .x files extensionless so they can't be imported into Max, easily, as before. So that helps to curve the hacking of mods.

They can still be ripped from the game and imported into Max but not easily, as before, and it's not for the beginner as it takes some work to accomplish.

Thanks for clarifying that for me bud! 🙂

@tattoo said in Mods being stolen:

PZ's encription method was to make the .x files extensionless

Cool. Link to instructions or a guide as to how to do this?

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The game does this automatically when you publish a mod.

This has lead me too rethink the release of my map to the public. At least, on ETS2 I was able to lock my zip files with encryptions. So, I'm now looking at friends only and possibly taking request from here and Steam.("only after you check out") I have worked to hard on this map for it to be modified or uploaded to anywhere by anyone. Not what I was looking for on my first release on Mudrunner. Unfortunate for all, including myself.

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The game does this automatically when you publish a mod.

I'm aware of the encryption with the custom level .stg and .dds files.

The level i'm working on, Burg, has lots of custom models and textures. I was under the impression that I could encrypt these extra .x and .dds files. Is this possible?

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I thought you were talking about trucks, not maps lol
I don't believe there is a way to lock/encrypt those files...
Excited for Burg, though, if you do decide to release it. Looks awesome from the screenshots!

this kinda sound dumb but I never made maps before but almost all of the .stg for maps out there are original files and cant be stolen, but the being stole only considers for mods since you cant load a map into the editor without the prebuild files (from what i know)
soif you dont want to share your maps is your decision

the only thing you could encript would be your model files wich once maps are going to the workshop will be done by editor by default

i know maps take longer or equal to build (consider my Unimog mod wich i've been modeling/putting in game and taking out to remake from 0 since i started mod making about 2 years ago) and the P map series from Schlampspringer (i butchered your name man sorry) wich take him around a month or more to finish

Cool, got a link to a tutorial to encrypt static level model .x files?

If you can encrypt truck .x files, surely static level model .x files can be encrypted then?

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clean your mesh cacher and texture cache

load your map with a stock vehicle
go to your mesh cache folder and copy the meshcache and texturecache folder to your map folder

create 2 new folders 1 called _m and one called _t now the textures go into _t and the extensionless files go to _m

back up your map folder and delete the texture and meshes folder
done youre suscefully "protected" your 3d models
once the editor gets maps into the workshop this will be even more complicated with the codenames things
you can already upload custom models to the workshop but they will be taken down by moderators I guess
dont know who takes them down but i've seen a few custom models packs back on spintires and they all were taken down after a few hours of release even tho the user that put it never took them down in his steam

I'm not whining, jeez... just thought posting here would help, and also be a good post for the topic of mods being snatched...

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