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Greetings, young shaper, and welcome to your first lesson on Guardians - the creations that will accompany you on your quest to save our world, Spark, in Masters of Anima.


Our first Guardian is the formidable Protector. They form the front-line of your defenses, and are more than capable of going toe to toe with any enemy that crosses your path. Equipped with an axe in one hand and a shield in the other, they are more resistant to enemy attacks, though they don’t offer the same damage output as some other Guardians you will learn about in the following lessons.

However, they do have other uses. Their mighty shields allow them to exploit weaknesses in enemy defenses, stunning with a Shield Slam whenever enemies are charging up for all-out attacks. When successfully interrupting an enemy, it also deals bonus damage. This is their Battle Cry, the special ability you choose to activate that is unique to each Guardian.

The Protectors using a shield slam ability

Battle Cries are activated in a circle around Otto, affecting up to 8 nearby Guardians and triggering their ability, at the cost of one globe of Anima. The maximum, and the radius of the effect, can be increased by skills and using more Anima, at the cost of a longer charge time. When and how you use Battle Cries is one of the keys to becoming a master shaper.

No Guardian comes alone, and Protectors join you in squads of four. As they die in glorious combat some of their Anima will be returned to you, letting you recreate new squads to continue the fight. Outside of combat, these groups can help to move heavy objects that you have no hope of shifting by yourself. Many secrets and hidden items are obfuscated behind puzzles of this nature, and you’ll need wits as well as combat skill to complete your journey.

The Protectors Pushing An Object

How will you use the Protector? As a small frontline force supported by heavier damage dealers like the Sentinels - who you will learn about next week - or as the main part of your army, providing bigger stuns and more resistance at the cost of lower overall damage?

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