Xbox one X performance issues (since DLC)

Hi all,

I have performance issues since the last update (Valley DLC). Before it, I had excelent performance, with 60 fps all the time.

After that, I see that isn't fluent than before (less fps). Someone have the same issue?

Can I uninstall de update and keep playing online anyway?


PS: Sorry about my english, I'm Spanish.

I have noticed the same thing and I may have an answer or idea about the problem. I noticed on PS4 pro that there is a menu option to limit the game to 30 fps, when that is NOT selected the game runs much better and very close if not 60fps, but on Xbox one x there is no such menu option and you can tell the game is running/ locked at 30fps. Why is the Xbox one x locked at 30fps and the PS4 pro is not? Especially since the Xbox one x is more powerful?? Can a Dev please explain the difference in the settings menu for the Xbox one x and PS4 pro? Is it because the standard PS4 is stronger than the standard Xbox?